Our patented Vinologix shipping boxes are made of high quality cardboard and offer a very good protection for your bottles. 

packaging rates: 

- highest level of quality cardboard for ultimate protection
- approved by DPD, therefore insured shipping up to EUR 520* 
- easy to put together assemble fix build
- choice from 2 types of inserts; Basic and Premium
- suitable for bottles, giftpackaging and wooden wine boxes
- sustainable; recycled cardboard, CO2 neutral delivery by DPD

bottle shipping boxes (including basic insert)

Our rates are excluding delivery costs. You are free to mix up a pallet with different boxes. It is also possible to order smaller amounts, bundles of 10 or 20 pieces.  

Box type Price in EUR (ex VAT)
1-bottle box 1,39
1-magnum box 1,68
2-bottle box deluxe 1,95
3-bottle box 1,69 Basic 1,76 Premium
3-magnum box 3,65
6-bottle box 2,09 Basic 2,25 Premium
12-bottle box 3,65 Basic 3,97 Premium
18-bottle box 4,65 Basic 5,13 Premium
Divider small bottles 0,40 (minimum amount 40 st.)

packaging for wooden wine boxes

Box type Price in EUR (ex VAT)
1-bottle wine box 1,29
1-bottle magnum wine box 1,39
2-bottle wine box 1,45
3-bottle wine box 1,59
4-bottle wine box 6,45 incl. corregated cardboard
6-bottle wine box 5,40 incl. corregated cardboard
2x3 wine box 3,65 incl. corregated cardboard
12-bottle wine box 5,40 incl. corregated cardboard

Shipping rates empty boxes to your address

Per DPD parcel  EUR 9,00
Half pallet    EUR 25,00
Full pallet         EUR  15,00

** Condition for the insurance is using our Vinologix boxes. There is a threshold amount for declaring damages of EUR 30,- per parcel. This does not apply for the PREMIUM boxes