Sending parcels easy and fast within 4 steps

You can buy special protective boxes through Vinologix and send your parcels with a very advantageous rate via DPD. Outside the EU we work in most countries with UPS.  

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Step 1 :
stocking boxes

Order boxes through the Vinologix webshop. 

Next day delivery if ordered before 1 PM.


Read more about the boxes →

Step 2:
request a Pick-up

Select the day and request a pick-up at the Vinologix website.

It is also possible to bring your parcel to a DPD parcelshop. 

You can set a fixed pick-up if you send regularly. 

Step 3:
prepare parcel

Prepare the parcel by putting your bottles in the Vinologix box.  

Print the label with the free software of DPD. 

The driver will come and pick up the parcel on the requested day and will leave the signed sending list behind. 

Step 4:
follow parcel

Domestic shipments will be delivered the next day. 

You can follow all your parcels in one overview?

The addressee will receive an email with the delivery date and the estimated time of delivery.  


Registration is easy and free of obligations. There are no additional registration costs and you are not required to send a certain amount of packages per year.